If you Date a Loser: You are a Loser

If you Date a Loser: You are a Loser.

It isn’t an uncommon thing to go through many phase in regards to our relationships, not everyone does, but those that do, don’t worry it’s quite natural. I like to think of it like your window shopping for Mr Right. Some of you I’d say are quite lucky and may have found him, but some are still in such and along the way have come across some amount of pricks. But as I say ‘If you Date a Loser, You are a Loser’. You really can’t say that’s not true or even unfair because my interpretation of a loser could be a lot different than yours. I’m not talking about maths geeks or shy people for example, I’m talking about the people that don’t treat us right. Those people are the real losers in our lives. So if your dating a guy that would rather be with his mates than you, or a guy that isn’t bothered with making an effort in the relationship or one that cheats or abuses….then I’m afraid to say your the loser in this case. The reason being is because you ‘losing’ out. Your losing out on a great guy out there that would be willing to do just about anything with you and would treat you like a princess. As there point in saying I can’t find that guy or I can’t find anyone better, then that’s like your giving up on your own life. You deserve to be really happy no matter who your with and your most of all deserve to be treated with respect.  If you have a situation like this feel free to write to me and I will be happy to help you as best I can!

Here is also a very interesting pages about 10 reasons why women get hurt in relationships



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